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About Us

Dog is the only Creature on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

"An adorable corgi dog sitting on the grass with a happy expression on its face."

Dog Care Land is a website that provides information about dog care and behavior. We provide tips for preventing dog bites, advice on training your dog, and information on different types of dogs. 

We also have a library of dog care products, including collars, leashes, harnesses, and toys. We are a professional website that aims to help people with everything related to their dogs. 

Providing helpful information and resources can make everyone’s lives easier!

“In a World Full of People Who Couldn’t Care Less, Be Someone Who Couldn’t Care More!”

Our Mission

Team of experts has years of experience in the dog care industry, and we’re passionate about helping you to become the best pet parent possible. Moreover, our Mission is caring for puppies to elder dogs; we have everything you need to know about dog care. 

We are dedicated to providing authentic information to help people better understand their dog care and make informed decisions about their pet’s care. However, everyone should be able to enjoy the companionship of a dog, regardless of their income or social status. 

That’s why we offer affordable rates for annual membership and various subscription plans that allow you to access our content at your convenience.

"A majestic Dogue de Bordeaux breed dog standing tall with a confident look, showcasing its muscular build and striking appearance."
"A striking Dalmatian breed dog standing tall with a proud expression, showcasing its unique spotted coat pattern and elegant physique."
"A beautiful Border Collie breed dog with a thick coat of fur, sitting alertly and gazing intently, displaying its intelligence and loyalty."

About Our "Writers"

Bernese Mountain Dog


Anna Grace is a seasoned writer who has been passionate about dogs. Her love for dog furry companions inspired her to specialise in writing about dog breed, focusing on the majestic Bernese Mountain Dog. Anna’s experience as a writer has been shaped by her close relationship with her dog Charlie. Charlie is a gentle giant who has always been the source for Anna’s endless inspiration for her writing.

Over the years, Anna has honed her craft by writing about various dog-related topics, from training and behaviour to health and nutrition. 

Her writing is known for capturing the essence of the dogs, conveying the breed’s intelligence, loyalty, and gentle nature. As a third-person narrator, it is clear that Anna’s love for dog breeds shines through in her writing. However, she deeply understands the dog breed and can convey its unique qualities in a way that resonates with dog lovers everywhere. For Anna, writing for Dog Care Land is not just a job – it’s a passion she brings to every page she writes.

James Brasil

James Brasil is a writer passionate about dogs, but his love for Newfoundland dog was unmatchable. As he sat down to write, his furry companion, a large, black and white Newfoundland named Lucy, snuggled beside him. James Brasil felt his warm fur against his skin and took a deep breath. After that, he began to write about his experience with the power of the dog, and his remarkable words flowed effortlessly into the Journals.

As he wrote, Lucy watched him with his big, brown eyes, occasionally giving him a nudge with his wet nose. Farley smiled and continued writing, knowing he had found his niche. He wrote about the joys and challenges of owning cute dogs, its loyal and loving nature, and its unique personality.

With each passing day, James’s love for writing about dogs grew more robust, and he continued to hone his skills. Lucy remained by his side, a constant source of inspiration and comfort. Together, they formed a bond that would last a lifetime.

newfoundland dog
German Shepherd


Over the years, Mary-Jane had many adventures with dog care. She wrote about the loyalty, intelligence, and courage of dogs. She shared stories of their exploits and misadventures and always had a deep respect and affection for the dog breed. Mary’s writing touched the hearts of many dog lovers, and her articles and stories were widely read and appreciated. 

Mary-Jane continued to jot down about animals , especially dogs, until the end of her life, always capturing the essence of unique dog personalities, dog food, dog collars, dog fence, dog leashes, dog harness, dog accessories, dog name, s above all the bond between a dog and their owners.

William Russell has always been an avid dog lover. Growing up, he had a German Shepherd named Max, his constant companion. As he grew older, William was drawn to writing about his experiences with dog breeds. He began writing stories and articles about the dog niche and soon developed a reputation as an expert in the heart of pet lovers. 

Who are We?

At Dog Care Land, we know that dog care is essential. That’s why we provide information on everything from dog breeds to dog training and health. We want to make it easy for you to take care of your pet right, no matter your needs.

We offer various services, including dog walking, pet sitting, and doggie daycare. We also have a wide selection of products for your convenience, including food, toys, and treats.

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Our Vision

In 2021, Dog Care Land was founded to create “a dog care land policy in which everyone and every community is able to caring for dogs.” Our Vision is to create the world’s largest pet care community, with a focus on only caring for dogs. By focusing solely on dogs, we are able to provide consistent quality of life and unprecedented levels of care without any sacrifice to the owner or their dog.

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