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When it comes to fencing, you’ll want to look for dogs fence collars that are both comfortable and reliable. Make sure they fit correctly so they don’t slip off when your canine is running around, and look for collars with features like vibration correction, GPS tracking, or shock collars.

Wireless dog fences are an increasingly popular way to keep your pet safely within your property. These fences come with a transmitter installed in your yard and unique collars for your pets equipped with a radio receiver. When your dog breed attempts to cross the boundary of the fence, it will receive an audible signal and a mild shock. This shock is not intended to harm the canine but rather to startle it and remind it of the boundary so that it stays away. 

A geofence dog collar is a particular type of dog collar that you can use to help you keep your dog safe and secure. It uses GPS technology to create an invisible “fence” around a specified area. You can set up a virtual perimeter that your pet cannot pass.

Whenever your pet gets too close to the perimeter, the collar will send an alert to your phone, allowing you to take action quickly and ensure that your pup stays safe. 

Vets will recommend collars or harnesses for your dog, depending on their needs. Chokers are great for identification purposes and attaching tags, leashes, and other accessories. Harnesses provide extra support to the dog’s neck and back when walking and training and offer more control over the dog than a collar alone.


In 2021, Dog Care Land was founded to create “a land in which everyone and every community is able to caring for dogs.” Our Vision is to create the world’s largest pet care community, with a focus on only caring for dogs. By focusing solely on dogs, we are able to provide consistent quality of life and unprecedented levels of care without any sacrifice to the owner or their dog.

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